Why Did The Tet Offensive Affect America 's Societal Opinion On The Involvement Of The Vietnam War

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Subject: History
Title: The Tet Offensive, Turning point of 1968. In january, 1968 the Tet Offensive of the Vietnam war was launched. The Tet Offensive was a carefully planned military campaign composed of surprise attacks on the republic of Vietnam by the communist parties of North and South Vietnam during the vietnamese holiday, Tet. The Tet offensive, militarily was a massive defeat for the communist parties of Vietnam, however it led to mass disillusionment within the U.S., diminishing public support for the war, inevitably forcing a withdrawal of U.S. troops, therefore it was also a political triumph for the communist. Thus the question of this investigation is therefore: to what extent did the Tet Offensive affect America’s societal opinion on the involvement of the Vietnam war? Investigation of the question is comprised of thorough and careful examination of data and facts from the war ranging from the economic effects, protests in the U.S., use of media, influence on public opinion, and a conclusion on the effects of the Tet offensive. In attempts to understand the influence of the Tet Offensive on america’s societal opinion during the Vietnam War, the data was aggregated in such a way that it would create a coherent understanding of the chaotic effects of the Tet Offensive. The overall aggregation of data resulted in the conclusion that the Tet offensive, though a massive military defeat for the communist parties of Vietnam, Influenced America’s…
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