Why Did Wilson Kill Myrtle's Death

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George Wilson, husband of Myrtle, shoots with his gun to kill Jay Gatsby. When I think about the scene created, I had one thing on my mind. How did Wilson kill Gatsby on the right spot as he was floating on his swimming pool? As Wilson was sad because of the terrible accident of his wife, Myrtle, he had sleepless night, however, he managed to kill Gatsby without missing one bullet. I think the book is based on emotional rather than logical, because Wilson murdered Gatsby thinking that he might be the murderer of his wife and “lover” of his wife, which is not true. Based on the yellow car, Tom ensures Wilson that it was his car and that he hit Myrtle. If Wilson had thought more about the situation, he might not take an action murdering Gatsby and then commit a suicide later on. …show more content…

First thing, Jay took all the blame for the crime because he loves Daisy, second thing, Daisy struck Myrtle driving Gatsby’s car because she was interfering her and Tom’s marital life, and third thing, Wilson knew that his wife was having an affair but didn’t even know who was it exactly, he ended up killing Gatsby without even thinking. I understand when you get mad or furious at someone, you cannot control yourself and just want to do whatever you want, but it’s not how life goes. Gatsby wanted to be with Daisy and so did she, but Daisy can’t deny the fact that she used to love Tom even though he was having an open relationship with Myrtle. In my point of view, Daisy used Gatsby just to make her husband jealous and then driving his car to kill her husband’s girlfriend. One of my biggest confusion would be how come Wilson had a gun, as he was poor even though he was a mechanic. I don’t think he could have owned a gun or a

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