Why Did You Help Johnny And Ponyboy Escape After The Murder?

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1. Why did you help Johnny and Ponyboy escape after the murder?
Answer from Dally: “I helped Johnny escape after the murder because I cared about him, I knew that he did it because he wanted to protect someone or something that he cared about, and because I don’t want him to go to jail. I helped him because I didn’t want him to end up in jail like I did. He would never survive in there. Besides, I don’t want him to get hard like I did.” I think that the main reason Dally helped Ponyboy and Johnny escape after the murder is because that he didn’t want Johnny to get in jail because he was worried about how it could harm him, and turn him into someone that’s mean and hard. This interpretation was gained from the textual evidence on Pg.____ …show more content…

How do you think your family and your class may have impacted your life?
10. Randy Adderson
1. Why did you decide to talk to ponyboy when all of your friends were with you?
2. Why did you choose to jump Ponyboy and Johnny when you knew that you didn’t like jumping greasers?
3. If you would be able to travel back in time, would you stop Bob from jumping Ponyboy and Johnny?
4. Did you think that it was a good idea to jump on Johnny and Ponyboy at 2:00am when you knew Bob was drunk?
5. When Bob tried to drown Ponyboy, did you try to stop him?
6. If you were to meet Ponyboy at school, would you say “hi” to him or also predtend that you don’t know him like Cherry did?
7. How do you think the class (Socs) that you were in might’ve affected your life? Perspective writting - Ponyboy
Descibe how your life, and your family has changed since the end of the story. What events in the story have impacted your change and what life lesson did you learn from your experiences? After I finished the story of “the outsiders”, I handed it in to my English teacher Mr. ____. He read over the whole book, and instead of raising my mark to a C to pass, he changed it into an A. It turned out that after all, I was pretty good at writting

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