Why Do Better Than Student Athletes Be Paid Better Than Students?

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Students who do sports and extracurricular activities budget their time more wisely than students who don’t and overall tend to do better than kids who don’t. I believe that students who do activities outside of school tend to do better in school than students who don’t. Those students also learn valuable skills like working in groups. Doing activities outside of school makes the students want to work hard to get good grades in school because if you don't have good grades you cant do sports. According to, the US Dept. of Education in 2005, high school athletes are more likely than non-athletes to attend college and get degrees. EY Women Athletes Business Network in 2014 did a survey of 400 female corporate executives and found that 94% of them played a sport and that 61% of those women say that sports have contributed to their career success. At Medomak Valley High School the students must be passing all classes to …show more content…

I think that this is a skill that everyone should have. Everyday we run into situations that we need to work with people. This also helps the students for when they get jobs. High schools tend to have their first jobs in places like McDonalds, Subway, Hannahford or retail stores. In these environments there is going to be many people that they have to work with. If they don't know have to work in a group than how are they going to be able to do well. Involving sports and clubs during school like pep rallies and encouragement over the intercom might make it so that more students get involved in sports. If we didn't have these we might not have as many people participating and that means not many people doing well in school and not having as good of social skills. Having sport and clubs being involved inside of school also helps with getting the kids who are involved in sports to be ready and focused for the game coming

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