Why Do Civilizations Like Papua New Guinea?

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Ever wonder why civilizations like Papua New Guinea don’t have modern day resources, when other civilizations like the Eurasia have a lot more resources. Geography is the main factor for this inequality. Due to the world having land with different latitudes, that causes a variety of animals and natural resources to occur in different parts of the world. Geographic location affects how well crops grow, because different latitudes create their own climates with their own corresponding temperature. In places like Papua New Guinea, the New Guineans only have sago trees because of their geographical location. Other places like Fertile Crescent can grow much more food than places like New Guinea because such as grains and wheat. Having wheat made it possible to store a huge supply of food and advance the Fertile Crescent’s civilization, while having sago, such as the New Guineans, they could only eat the sago after it was made, not able to store it. Different climates make for different crops, contributing to inequality because, the more crops available to a civilization, the farther that civilization could last.
In the Fertile Crescent, agriculture gave an
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The Spanish had the immunity to the disease, since they had already encountered the animals much earlier than other civilizations. This gave them a big advantage for being a thriving civilization. The Incas were not around animals for a long time, like the Spanish. The Spanish got to domesticating animals a really long time ago. They had the advantage of being around animals for a really long time because they were able to build up an immunity to Smallpox, and carry the germs and get their enemies who fought them sick. The Spanish having germs made them be a successful civilization by being able to use the germs to kill off their enemies, in addition to all the resources they already
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