Why Do We Manage?

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Some may ask how do we manage, some may ask what is it like, and then some may ask do we wish that we can switch races? In my opinion those Questions answered every day in the most unnoticed, silent ways. But this isn’t about my opinions or about my beliefs about this society and how they treat our kind. This is about the truth, the truth that everyone is so scared to bring up because they think it’s just going to cause even more problems than where it 's at right now. Well I’m here to say that it shouldn’t be that way. I’m here to say that all the cops who shot down multiple black people, innocent black people at that. And on top of that those cops end up getting off without getting locked up. There were a total of 1,134 black people killed by the hands of law enforcers in the year of 2015. Also from what I’ve read that 1 of 65 black males deaths are from police brutality or shootings, some never discovered. So you can’t tell this country doesn’t have a problem.

In 2014 there was a total of 45.67 million black people in america and that only made up 14.3% of the United States. White people in 2014 had a tally up to 197.8 million living in the United States, around 62% of the U.S. To me that makes white people feel like they run this country which they swore they built around equality, swear they’re treating everyone the way they want to be treated. I watched a video once and it was a room full of white people with a white speaker, and she asked the crowd how many of

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