Why Elderly Folk Are A Complete Hazard?

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I believe elderly folk are a complete hazard to our roads. However, I must back myself up by saying that all people are a hazard when moving faster than a running pace. Inevitably, elderly are even more hazardous than the rest of the population since their age comes with more complications than a younger person. At an elderly age, the body becomes more susceptible to complications and the brain’s neurotransmitters to not behave normally. These complications and abnormalities can be the cause of a MCI (heart attack) or a brain aneurysm. If one of those were to occur while an old geezer was driving it would likely result in a fatal accident. As a solution, for there should be a special chauffer system set up for elderly. I believe that all people should be created equal. But, I do not know if it is right or wrong in God’s eyes for a woman to be in love with another female, which is the decision for the man upstairs. Based on the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, I tend to think it isn’t God’s choice. However, that does not mean that gay LGBT do not have the right to be married. Everyone can do whatever they please, in reality. One reason, gay/lesbian marriage is their right is based on our constitutional rights that all men are equal. Another reason they should have the right to marriage is because it is complete discrimination if prohibit matrimony to a certain portion of the population. I do not necessarily agree that that LGBT marriage is morally right, but I do believe it is

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