Why Freedom And Equality Is An Artificial Creation Created By The Political Institution

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The aim of this essay is to explore whether freedom and equality is founded on natural moral principle or whether it is to an extent an artificial creation created by the political institution. To an extent, I do agree that freedom and equality are based on natural moral principles because during the state of nature human beings are able to enjoy freedom and equality as these seem are the rights that humans are borned along with. Therefore, it is sufficient to say that they exist in respect of the nature and with the intention from the God. This idea is further supported by many different philosophers such as John Locke and Thomas Aquinas. However, to a certain extent, I believe that political intitution such as law is an artificial tool to help restore freedom and equality in a society so that people can still enjoy these rights. Through the theory of social contract, it clearly shows that law plays an important role in enforcing the instead of the artificial creator of these rights.
To find out whether freedom and equality are rest on natural moral principles, one has to ask is what the principle means. One of the basic moral principles is to follow what the nature intends and that is known as the natural law, by making decisions in respects of the nature of things . In terms of Natural law, it is to follow what is natural for human beings and the rest of creation. Therefore, I will examine the freedom and equality during the state of nature in order to prove that they

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