Why I Didn 't Be Public Enemy

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When I had arrived at school the following day sitting next to Dale in his hot rod and wearing his letterman’s sweater, I had just become public enemy number one. I wouldn’t be surprised if my face wasn’t on every post office’s wall or the G-Men weren’t surrounding me with Tommy Guns. Trouble didn’t start until I was in the bathroom and several of the popular girls cornered me. “Maybe someone didn’t tell you yet, Newton,” Mildred said, hotly and pushed my shoulder. “Dale Yates has someone he’s sweet on and that someone is me. If you know what’s good for you, you will stay away from him and never let me see you in his car ever again.” Mildred Steiner, the head cheerleader and all around nasty piece of work. She was what you would call a big tease, and the boys all knew it. She would have the boys do whatever she wanted just by giggling like some hyena in a zoo and bounce around on her toes so her headlights could shake around like the two bit tramp that she was. Well, I was having none of it. Mildred and her girls had the run of the school from the moment her father was made principle our sophomore year. “Let me see if I understand you,” I said, calmly and looked Mildred in her beady little eyes. “You are telling me to…” “It’s seem that she needs a lesson,” one of Mildred girls cackled, cruelly as she bumped shoulders with me. “I say we ruff her up a little so she and all the others at our school know…” “All the others in the school know that

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