Why I Live At The Post Office Short Story Summary

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Sister was the narrator from “Why I live at the P.O. Sister is the protagonist in the story, because the main action was about her. She is the central character because the story is told by her and from her prospective. She can also be described as a round character because we know quite a bit about this character. Her personality is described in depth and in detail in this narrative.
Sister is still young and she is still living with her family in a town called China Grove, Mississippi. She was the postmistress for this town. She was exactly one year older then her sister Stella- Rondo. Sister and Stella- Rondo had one man that had been passed through the both of them. Sister was with Mr. Whitaker first, but now Stella is engaged …show more content…

This story is based on her husband’s death, her reaction to his death, her feelings after finding out about his death, and her reaction when she finds out he is still alive. This story is based on Mrs. Louise Mallard and the author does a tremendous job describing all these details about her.
Mrs. Mallard was a woman who had heart troubles. In the story it says “two white slender hands,” this tells us that she does not have a job and that she doesn’t do much work. Form what the narrator tells us; it seems that she has a lot of people that care about her. The narrator tells us that “great care was taken to break to her as gently as possible.” She had a husband that worked on railroads. There are many hints that tell us that Mrs. Mallard is suffering in her marriage. She said that “she loved him sometimes, often she had not. What did it matter?” This tells us that he must have been good to her but it doesn’t confirm that happy marriage. We also see that it’s suffering because eventually, Mrs. Mallard becomes happy because she is freed from her marriage. It’s like it made her a whole new person. It says that “she arose at length and opened the door to her sister’s importunities. There was a feverish triumph in her eyes, and she carried herself unwittingly like a goddess of victory.” This lets us know she knows now that she is free.
The conflict to this story is pretty straight forward. Mrs. Mallard struggles with her feeling and emotions,

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