Why Is Hamlet Crazy

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Plays were used for entertainment for many centuries. Starting with the Greek theaters, and lasting to this time in many different theaters, stages, and halls for the performance. One of the most proclaimed playwriters of his time is William Shakespeare. He could write his plays in such a way, everyone can have a different look on the characters and how the plot unfolds while they watched or read the plays. A great example is the play, “Hamlet” in which the main character Hamlet believes to go mad. Elizabethans used the term “mad” as losing one’s sanity. Many people believe in his madness, but there is prove it is a lie, when he talks to Ophelia causing her to believe he is crazy, how he uses it against the King and Polonius to hide his real intention of murder, and how he able to convince his mother…show more content…
Other people it is just a chemical reaction in the human bond. Shakespeare can use this against Ophelia when she sees Hamlet’s madness. When Hamlet goes into Ophelia’s room acting strange and trying to seduce her, she believes that her rejection of him caused him to go mad. An expert says in one of his articles, “and to mock even Ophelia herself, whom in the general hollowness of all appearances Hamlet has come to doubt” (Claude C. H. Williamson). Showing even Ophelia, who would be the last one to believe his madness changes her mind by his act. After her encounter with Hamlet, she goes to tell her father and explains what happens, she says to him “I was just in my room, till Hamlet comes in looking dirty and sick, speaking improper to me” (2.1.74-81). This further proves that Ophelia is convinced into believing Hamlet and his act that Polonius seeing his daughter in such distress, he rushes to tell the King about his son’s madness. Now that the King and Polonius believe Hamlet is mad, they do not see his real reason which is to exact his father’s revenge on
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