Why Is The Giver Of Memory Important

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If history in our present day world got erased, then it would be absolute chaos. People would not know about the consequences of everything. Excellent or atrocious in that case. Whenever people do not think about our actions, and before long we do something that we later on regret. When we think of our actions we usually consider the past. Jonas had no concept about the past until he was chosen for the Receiver of Memory. The Giver shows him the events of the past that causes Jonas think differently about everything that he ever knew. If our memories were pulled away from us, formerly we would feel the same way, if our memories had been taken confused and panicked is probably how we would feel if we were shown memories of the past. Memories are important to our society. If memories were stolen, then we would forget our actions. We would forget our heroes. We would forget our celebrities and great leaders. We do not want to lose that. Forgetting the past would mean that we would need to start over in society. Starting over means that we would not have the technology that we have today. We would not have communication with others that would help us keep peace with one another. Not remembering the past would have us start numerous wars …show more content…

We obtain glimpses of the past in history books. They advise us on what to do. Books, that tell us what happen are band in Jonas’s community. Without books, then how do people know what to do, other than obtaining advice from the Giver. Today we do not have a giver in every household, so we would not know what to do if something horrible strikes us in a major way. With the help of books and actions of the past, we know what to do if that ever happens. Like for instance, another world war, extreme famine, strict protection, or diseases. With the help from our ancestors, we have that capability of knowing what to do and what not to

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