Why Is The Stonehenge Important

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The Stonehenge is a massive stone monument located on a ‘chalky plain’ north of Salisbury, England. It was built between 4,000-5,000 years ago and believed to be completed in 3100 BC. It is made up of two main stones: Sarsens and Bluestones. The sarsen stones are considered the biggest stones, while the bluestones are referenced as the smallest ones. There are many mysteries of the Stonehenge that have yet to be revealed. It is a magical and allegorical monument in England.
The surface area of one of the stones used in a Trilithon Horseshoe is 222.87m^2. I found the surface area using the formula, PH+2B. The volume of the same stone is 8.075m^3. This was found using the formula, BH. These formulas were used to calculate the surface area and the volume because the shape of the stone I chose is a
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There are three theories that are thought to be the reason in creating the massive monument. One theory is that it was used as a sacred burial site. Finds of skeletons and burial mounds and the existence of a ceremonial route are evidence that it was used as a burial site. Another theory is that it was used as a site Celestial and Astronomical Alignments. The only evidence to support this theory is that the timings of the cermonies are significant. Lastly, there is a theory in which the Stonehenge was used as a place for healing. Many ancient societies argue that the bluestones had healing properties. Many sacred and significant stones make up the construction of the Stonehenge. The Trilithon Horseshoe is five sets of stones arranged in a horseshoe shaped pattern. The Slaughter Stone is a stone in the ground which is regarded as the entrance to the monument. The sun rises next to the Heel Stone during the summer solstice. The Heel Stone is located along the Avenue, a series of ditches. Finally, the Alter Stone, located inside the Trilithon Horseshoe, is made up of
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