Why Jewish People Sought Refuge Overseas

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As the saying goes, history tends to repeat itself. In Europe during the 1930s and1940s Jewish Europeans were treated as second class citizens, striped of their rights, and tragically murdered by the masses. Today if someone were to take a look back there would be no question as to why Jewish people sought refuge overseas. Today a very similar situation presents itself in the Middle East. Thousands of Syrians are seeking refuge in neighboring countries and overseas. History may never see such horrible events take place like those of the holocaust, but today tens of thousands of innocent people are being killed in Syria, and thousands more are fleeing the country to seek refuge. Here in present day America, just like decades ago, there exists a racism, a racism that won’t be openly admitted by most but nevertheless, it lives. It’s alive in movies, on social media, and in the news. We see it every day, in the labeling of Muslim refugees as possible terrorist threats or economic baggage that is somehow draining the pockets of the tax payers. The unfair, biased labeling of these refugees is really clouding the vision of many American citizens. In the wake of the recent shootings that have taken place, the news has now gone into a frenzy, uttering absurd misleading statements that any Muslim can become radicalized and therefore can be considered a threat. Even Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump had audacity to get on public television and call for a, “complete ban of all
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