Why Juveniles Should Be Legal

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Criminals are on foot everyday around the United States and other parts of the world. Whether they are young children, adults, seniors, or any kind of human being, crimes are committed everyday by people who look like a bad influence or others that look innocent walking down the streets who have never committed a crime before. Juveniles ages 7-15 should not be sentenced to life without parole for crimes they commit because it would not be fair for them to spend the rest of their lives in jail for committing a mistake. Reasons can be found on why juveniles should be left inside a cell and arguments can build up if people disagree with one another. Some adults commit crimes and are left with freedom after a satisfied amount of time locked up. Young teenagers can still be immature and do not have the mind to think like a regular human being. Young people also do not know what is wrong or right to do since they are not of legal age. Some teenagers are also not fully educated yet for they might have grown up without parents to yell at them to lead them through the right path. Most juveniles are barely in middle school and have not really learned anything about the real outside life yet. Juveniles that are sentenced for a reasonable amount of time can also be rehabilitated once they are out of prison so they can be leaded to the right path again without having to be locked up. Many young men are in rehabilitation centers because they disobey their parents or because they are drug

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