Why Malaysia Is More Advanced Than Indonesia

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Introduction The research paper aims to study the reasons why Malaysia is more advanced than Indonesia despite the fact that Malaysia gained their independence years after Indonesia had gained hers. Moreover, it aims to look at the reasons its economy is failing, effects of the reasons and how to recover from the effects. It will act as a guide to not only Indonesia, but to other countries that may be lagging behind in terms of development. The findings of the study will enhance better understanding of the economic situation of the two countries and in the world, which will help not only leaders and the affected country, but also other countries in the world. Results will guide policy formulations in the countries to help improve their economy. Additionally, the paper aims to understand the Malaysian and Indonesian domestic political processes involved in the formulation of foreign policies and appreciate the history of the two countries. Finally, it will discuss the different causes of variant GDPs in the two nations. The history of the two countries gets intertwined at some point; for many years, there have been relations, migrations, and interactions between these two countries such that their citizens can trace their relatives or origins from either country. Expounding on the similarities between the two countries will be vital in the research. First and foremost, the two countries are located in the continent of Asia and they have an almost similar national language,

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