Why Race Is Important To Me

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Every night as I close my eyes, flashbacks from the day’s news, painted in vivid reds and blues, flash in my mind in rapid succession. Racial tensions in Baltimore. Protests in Dallas. The constant cycle of death and loss due to racial issues, set on replay throughout the country, throughout the world. It boils down to the significance of race- which stagnates in my mind everyday, sticks to the walls of my brain, like two interlocked magnets struggling for control. The idea wrestles in my mind. Race- it’s relevance and irrelevance, its strength and weakness, its push and pull. The person I am today is a result of the Puerto Rican culture that permeated in my household growing up- the bits of Spanish I would use to converse with my grandmother, …show more content…

The concept of race keeps me up all night, bothers me all day. The fact that something can be so important but at the same time so unimportant boggles me. Something that makes people unique binds them together. After nights being awake pondering this idea, and days researching its consequences, I have realized that race is something that does not fit into neat little boxes. It is not something we as a society can file under a certain category. With this realization, the events on the news that tell of racial tensions all over the world, and the resulting prejudice and terror that surround them stay active in my mind. Now, when I close my eyes and try to go to asleep, when I once again visualize the horrific reports of hate attacks and loss that covered the media is clusters, I visualize myself too- getting an education and using it to be part of a change. Then I wake up in the morning and put my plans to action to help resolve these issues that plague the world each and every

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