Why Should Canada Enjoy The Winter?

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After watching this documentary, I can say that I was surprised to find out Canadians are not a fan of the winter. I mean, we are known by other countries to be winter warriors, but is that really how we see ourselves? Canada as a winter nation and arctic adventures is neither wrong or right. When people from other countries think of Canada they imagine people in a cold environment, sometimes even living in igloos. Yes, we are a winter nation that goes through the cold hard days and spend most of our winter shoveling cars and staying home a lot, but we are not a winter nation by heart. That being said i'd like to address the fact that we Canadians don't enjoy the winter. In fact we despise it and wish that summer can just hurry up. This documentary surprised me because I assumed a lot of…show more content…
I think that we are in denial, secretly dreaming of cloudless winter because we complain about snow, slush, and the cold. But I beleive winter can be loved if we apply the Scandinavians way of life, which is for example heated sidewalks. If Canada had those innovations, I believe that we would all enjoy the winter because Canada without winter it’s impossible and we will forever be known as the winter nation. At the same time, why as winter nation don’t come up with innovations that will benefit us? We can have heated sidewalks to prevent any injuries like slipping on ice and we can wear heels that help us ensure that we won't fall. What was discussed in this study was shocking and surprising that Canadians don't embrace winter just like their Russians counterpart, but that doesn't mean we are not the winter warriors we are known for. I'm not a big fan of the winter. For me it's too cold and gloomy sometimes. I feel that what we discussed was suprising because I assumed canadains really loved the winter, but i guese we are alll the same since im not a fan of the winter and perfer
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