Why Sns May Affect One 's Self Esteem And Well Being

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Although minor and misinterpreted, SNS might affect one’s self-esteem and well-being. Proceeding the argument about self-disclose, Gonzales and Hancockput (2011) suggest that honest self-presentation is positively associated with well-being since most of people who engage in self-disclose are interested in creating and maintain social ties. A study suggests that by engaging in honest self-presentation, people increase their social perspective and wider their need of social support. This indeed influence one’s well-being (Lee et al., 2013). On the other hand, social networking also may also have a negative impact on well-being; SNSs are platforms that mostly incentive narcissistic behavior (Chiou et al., 2014). Therefore, one is more concerned with depicting positive aspects of their life than being honest and offering social support. Another reason why SNS have a negative effect on self-esteem is due to the fact that one’s self alter to be the object of analysis, which is similar to the reaction of looking to a mirror. Chious suggests that a normal SNS user would recheck their profile online several times, which leads to short-term woe and, therefore, lower well-being. However, different to every day face-to-face interactions, people on social media have more time to prepare what to present or disclose; this give them the opportunity to present positive aspects of their life leading to a more positive self- evaluation, consequently leading to higher self-esteem. Another
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