Why Stigma Ties Into Social Welfare

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Certain structures both primary and secondary reproduce forms of oppression that marginalize different groups of people into society. These include people of color, children, women, older adults, the poor and immigrants. In this paper we will explore the important topic of why stigma ties into social welfare. Not everyone is our society is accepting of those who require social welfare or are prepared to accept social welfare when they do need it. This is mostly due to due to stigma, ethics and neoliberal ideology and therefore not all those who require social welfare are able to experience the appropriate quality of life. Some social policy programs and services designed for this group would include; Links 2 Care, Meals on Wheels, Kerr …show more content…

One way Canadians view social welfare is through a religious perspective and refers to some aspects of social welfare as charity. In most instances people who are Catholic believe they have a responsibility to help those who are not as fortunate as themselves. Where as some people have the idea that those who require social welfare are considered “welfare bums” and are taking from society rather than contributing and giving back to it. Although all throughout Canada and worldwide everyone has their own perception of social welfare social welfare systems function as a method of social control and without a structured system mayhem would be more likely to occur. With these programs and policy issues the distribution of social welfare pertaining to financial issues is equal and this makes violence less likely. Programs such as Good Will and Salvation Army are examples of programs, which are set in place to get people back on their feet. Salvation army is just one example of a program with community support systems that fit the needs of individuals in many different situations. With family support systems, counseling, domestic abuse and violent services, adolescents and children’s services, crisis response and long term support by offering these programs to the community it reduces stigma and increases growth and understanding in the community. In one of the articles I researched I discovered just how much

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