Why The Kkk Was A Bad Organization

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Reasons why Reconstruction Sucked. There are many reasons why the KKK was a bad organization. The KKK to be summed down is basically the white people didn’t like African Americans so they did everything in their power and will to get rid of the black population. In my opinion, I think it was a messed up period of time. Reconstruction is the period between 1865-1877 after the Civil War during the states of the confederacy, the confederacy was controlled by the federal government and the social legislation and it included the granting of new rights of the African-Americans was introduced. To basically summarize the last sentence, they wanted no more blacks. Why is the KKK so bad they ask? They did everything in their power and will to get …show more content…

Although Congress passed legislation to avoid the KKK. Their goal to fix white supremacy grew from democracy victories. This happened in the South during the 1870s. After an unsuccessful time in the KKK they soon got revived. This happened in the early 20th century. The burning of crosses and rallies got serious to the point of major breakouts. There were also many parades and marches. The marches and parades were to bash immigrants. During the civil rights movement in the 1960s, the KKK would bomb black schools. They also would bomb churches. Many confederate veterans were included in the KKK. A group in Pulaski, Tennessee the first two words of the group started with the greek word, kyklos. The meaning of that word is circle. There were carpet baggers that wanted to feed on the misery and the depression on the south. In the south they had no money. They shut down the railroads in GA, LA, MI, and AL. There was no money for them to run the railroads. They couldn’t run locomotives because they didn’t have anything to haul. It didn’t matter anyway because it was destroyed. The people in the north found that they could make a dollar because of the misery of the south. Most of the trade ships that they had were destroyed by union blockades. The reconstruction took the south a very long time to come back. The renewal of the economy bounced back faster than the rural state did. The port cities was a quicker comeback to the confederate

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