Why This One Summer Should Be Banned

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A lot of great graphic novels have been challenged this year, one of them would be This One Summer. The book, This One Summer, by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki, has received multiple awards, they received the Caldecott Honor award, which is the first graphic novels to ever receive one, but it’s still banned in schools. I don’t believe it should be banned for middle school students, but I do support it’s banning in elementary schools. Middle school students, and high school students, should be allowed to read this since they might have, or gone through similar situations. They could also relate to some of the content in the book like when Rose’s parents were fighting and she didn’t talk to them at all, or when she’s acting out because of that.
However, some of the content in the book is questionable. Some parts of the book mention or talk about suicide, along with an actual suicide attempt. The suicide attempt is when Jenny hasn’t talked to her boyfriend since she told him that she was pregnant. When he finally responds to her he says that he doesn’t want their child. Jenny goes out in the ocean in the middle of the night and tries to drown herself. Thankfully Rose’s mother saves her just before she actually drowns. They also talk about …show more content…

It was also banned for ages 12 and under and is recommended for ages 12 and up. One of the reason why is was censored or banned was because parents were worried about early exposure to drugs which could lead to temptations. Also, the parents were worried that if their children read this book alone, or in isolation, then it could be interpreted incorrectly. Although, the parents should know what their child is reading, they should know if their child is easily swayed by temptations or peer pressure. It could also be censored or banned for religious beliefs or followings of

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