Why USA Became Involved in Vietnam Essay

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Why USA Became Involved in Vietnam

Before the Second World War, the region between India and China which now includes Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos was part of the French Empire. During the Second World War, however, Japan controlled Vietnam. After the war, the French tried to take over again but a communist group, the Vietminh wanted independence. During this war of independence the USA became involved as well. This essay will look at the reasons of why they did.

The first reason why the USAbecame involved in Vietnam was the Domino theory. President Eisenhower first used the term in 1954 to justify US involvement in South East Asia, particularly Vietnam. The Domino theory was first evident in …show more content…

This reason is linked to the Domino Theory as Truman supported the French in the hope that communism would not spread into Vietnam and hence preventing it from spreading to the rest of the world. Furthermore, this is a long term cause as containment was introduced even before the Domino Theory.

A third reason why the USAbecame involved in Vietnam was when Eisenhower supported Diem's corrupt government in the South. Until this point it was a civil war between the communist north and the capitalist south. Again, he did this because of the Domino Theory and so that communism would not spread. Diem used US troops to stay in power and did not have any elections for fear of a communist win. This is a short term cause because unlike the other causes, it did not happen a long time before the event.

The fourth reason why the USA became involved in Vietnam was Kennedy's foreign policy. In this he wanted to protect the free world from communism,' The USA stands for freedom and God while communism stands for ruthless godless tyranny'. Due to this he had sent 16 500 US troops and advisors to Vietnam by 1962. Moreover, he increased the budget of anti-communism activities around the world. The U2 incident, Berlin Wall, and the Cuban Missile crisis all increased tension between communism and capitalism and all these on top of Vietnam helped to increase determination to fight

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