Why Did States Secede Dbq Essay

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Questions: Notes: Why did states secede? What was the importance of popular sovereignty? What was the underground railroad used for? Why was Harriet Tubman one of the most famous conductors? What was Harriet Beecher Stowe famous for? Why was Franklin Pierce important? What was the Dred Scott case and why was it important? What were Stephen Douglas’ beliefs? What were Abraham Lincolns’ beliefs and what was his lasting impression? What was the confederacy? Who was Jefferson Davis and what was his role in the Confederacy? States used this technique of withdrawing from the Union when they disagreed with the Union or used it as a threat to get what they wanted. This was an important provision that allowed the right to vote for slavery or not. It was used in the Compromise of 1850 to make both sides happy. It was the secret tunnels and passageways that slaves used to escape. People on these railroads hid slaves, giving them food and shelter. She was one of the conductors, or people who helped slaves escape through the Underground Railroad and was an important figure who successfully escaped slavery herself. The famous author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin about the struggles of slavery. This book was significant because it inspired more Northerners against the Fugitive Slave Act. He was a democratic candidate of the North who won and produced the Kansas-Nebraska Act that became the downfall of the Southern Whigs. It was about a slave

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