Why We Must Find The Right Training

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But Tim did not start here. Rather, he started like this: As a college kid he had enough of losing money in sports betting and other gambling activities and decided to try his hand at trading. So, he opens his first account with $500. Within a few short weeks he had lost more than half his starting account and realised he needed help! No different than anyone else.
It must be stated here that to go alone in this business he a very expensive lesson in life. If you are able you
MUST find the right training, mentoring and resources to ensure your success and guess what, we have such a solution available for you - let 's be honest its why we are making such an effort here to relate to you so you can have the confidence that our experience and service combined are such a powerful combination that with your honest understanding of what is required from you (YES - sorry you MUST do something here too - no free lunched ladies and gentlemen) we can be that ‘fit’ to help you grow financially. We have ‘rags to riches’ stories anyone with the right attitude can make this happen!
But, back to the story.
Tim spent the next few months learning and studying. But, within six months Tim had his first BIG win.
Tim received an email that he thought looked like a typical ‘pump and dump’ tactic on a company called
Amwest. So he put $3,000 in. Figuring it too would collapse. He sold his stake in 10 minutes for a 70% gain or $2,000!
Tim stats “the key is to buy them ahead of the crowd”.
How do you…
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