Why Women Commit So Many Less Crime?

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Statistically women commit quite a bit less crime in almost every category especially violent crimes. Many people wonder why this is the case because we are all people and it shouldn 't matter that much. Though every year this doesn’t seem to change. So I will be discussing some of the reasons why this is the case in this paper and uncovering some causes. The first reason why women commit so many less crimes is because of the chemical balance and hormones in their bodies. Men have much more testosterone then women and a high amount of testosterone can lead to more agitation and violent behaviors and tendencies. Women don 't have as much testosterone so they are usually more well behaved and don 't get angry and violent as much. This would definitely explain the reason why women commit so many less violent crime. “Women account for shockingly only less than 20% of all violent crime” (Schmalleger 115). Another major reason for the difference in crime rates between men and women is evolution and the the evolutionary Neuroandrogenic Theory. Which is basically a theory that “the propensity for crime commission evolved among humans beings as part of the male reproductive strategy” (Schmalleger 118). Evolution has just played such a big role in all of this because females seem to have more sense when it comes to the world and reacting around it which definitely has a correlation to their lower crime rates. They will think more than males and act more appropriately to any
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