Why You Should Quit Smoking Essay

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Topic: Smoking in Society
Goal: I want to persuade my audience that smoking is a health risk to all of society and that smokers should be encouraged to quit.
Thesis: It is imperative for smokers to quit, benefiting society as a whole a well as themselves.

Attention Material: I am from a family where both of my parents dont smoke. There is although a person of my circle who smokes a lot everyday and that is my unlce. All my life I can remember him smoking and trying to quit but never being able to. The only moment in his life when it seemed completely necessary and possible for him to quit was the day he found out he had cancer, but even by then time was running out. He died in March of 2003; At some point in your …show more content…

A future depends on those that are coming behind us, but with harmful substances already making their way into the lives of youth, a future could be pretty bleak.

Transition: Involvement of education and influence are only a step in any direction, the risks involved can be pretty extreme and life altering.

II. Not only does smoking affect the smoker, but those whom they share their space with. A. Second hand smoke causes just as many of the same health issues to those around a smoker and as could be produced in the smoker. As reported by the Center for Disease Control, illness from smoking ranges from lung cancer, ischemic heart disease, and chronic airway obstruction as well as shortening a person's lifespan averaging 13.2 years for me and 14.5 years for women (National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion). These are risks that many smokers know may just be regurgitated facts, but is not hearing them once more another chance to decide that health is better than a cigarette? Much of the health issues that society deals with today would be greatly decreased if more and more people began to quit smoking.

Transition: Prevention can be found

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