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Serial Killers Serial killers have struck fear in the hearts of people, yet the public remains fascinated and intrigued by the crimes perpetrated by these individuals. There are several theories and factors that have been attributed to serial killers in an attempt to explain their behaviors. Furthermore, by indentifying the behaviors that are exhibited by serial killers, law enforcement professionals are able to gather information about these serial killers that will assist in the apprehension of the criminal. In the majority of serial homicides, a motivating factor, in addition to domination and manipulation of a victim, is the sexual gratification and desire that is experienced by the serial killer. Serial killers murder individuals …show more content…

Michael H. Stone in The Anatomy of Evil states that there are several factors that influence a serial killer’s behavior. The factors that may influence behavior are presented in a nature versus nurture model with occasional factors falling into a category of mixed and/or unknown origins (201). The factors that Stone considers to pertain to an individual’s natural environment include mental illness that is coupled with psychosis, schizophrenia, manic-depression, autism, and Aspergers Syndrome. Also included in the list of natural factors are mental illnesses without psychosis such as ADD and ADHD, alcoholism, epilepsy, and an inordinate sexual drive (201). Personality disorders are considered to be inherent to an individual and are therefore considered to be a part of an individual’s natural environment; personality disorders include being antisocial, psychopathic, schizoid, sadistic, paranoid, and/or impulsive-aggressive (201). Stone identifies nurture factors as parental physical/sexual/verbal abuse, parental abandonment and/or neglect, the loss of a parent, absence of a father, separation and/or divorce of the parental unit before the child is 16, and brain disease or damage (201). The factors that Stone considers to be attributed to mixed or unknown origins include paraphilia, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, alcoholism, conduct disorders that are committed in childhood, animal torture and arson,

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