Wife Of Bath Character Analysis

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Women in the medieval times were thought to have a much different role in society as we think of today. They were to be submissive to their husbands, follow what they say and not to speak out often. Also during that time, a woman’s place was thought to be at home with the responsibility of doing the housework along with being a caregiver. Considering the Wife of Bath, a female character who didn’t follow these social structures, sure made for an interesting character. In Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, he introduces a character known as the Wife of Bath. It is her turn to tell the stories, and her tale begins discussing her past marriages in the prologue. Married five times, the Wife of Bath tells us about her own marital issues, and the way she was able to manipulate the gender roles to her own advantage. As interesting of a character as she is, I find Chaucer created the Wife of Bath to deliberately introduce the issues gender roles play in our society. I believe that the role the of the Wife of Bath in the tale was purposely written by Chaucer to twist the traditional gender roles of the time, satirizing how gender plays in society. Beginning with the prologue, the Wife of Bath makes an argument for why she believes sexuality is the key weapon to use against men to achieve her goals. Doing such, she twists the typical gender roles of the time; that women are dependent upon their husbands and need a partner for protection and wealth. The Wife also shows in her

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