Wife Of Bath Relationships Between Men And Women Essay

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Is the Wife of Bath’s prologue implying that men should be more obedient or women should be more independent? The Wife of Bath’s prologue and tale both focus on relationships between men and women. The Wife was not an ordinary woman; she was rather an interesting character. She seemed to be a demanding woman who used what she had to get whatever she wanted. Her prologue describes how determined she was to rule over her husbands.
The Wife believed that women should have more power than men do. She was definitely not afraid to break the rules. She felt as if the rules did not apply to her, and she made it very clear that she was not afraid to do whatever she pleased. In her prologue, she was very open about her relationships with her five husbands. In The Wife of Bath’s discussion of her first three husbands she describes how joyous it was to manipulate them to get whatever she wanted. She boasted about how successful she was at gaining control over her husbands. “And of one thing I can boast, you see: I had the better of them in high degree, By cunning, force, or some manner of thing, Such as continual murmuring and grumbling. And in bed especially they had mischance: There was my chiding and remonstrance” (410-414). The Wife used deceitfulness to …show more content…

She was furious, because Jankyn was reading a book aloud about the five wicked wives in history. She ripped a few pages from the book and punched him, causing Jankyn to strike her on the head; the Wife hit him back. Jankyn was one of the difficult husbands to dominate and would often beat on her, but she and Jankyn finally came to an agreement. Jankyn handed over all of his land to her, and she was kind to him. Jankyn was a tough cookie to break, which made her want him more. Her main goal in life was to have power and control. The Wife feels that she can speak about power because of her experiences with her five

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