Wikileaks : Innocent Or Guilty?

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WikiLeaks: Innocent or Guilty? has had a lot of controversy surrounding it in the past few years, and most millennials may think this all interesting and new, but a lot of us wouldn’t have know that this has all happened before. To understand our current situation we have to look to how to the past and how this has all happened before in 1971 with the Pentagon Papers. It was Nixon vs. The New York Times. It was Nixon vs. Journalism. It’s shocking to think that basically what is happening right now has already happened, stolen government papers or information being leaked to the public via a commonly known media, but we know the ending to the Pentagon Papers . Journalism won and Nixon lost (Goodale). Now the real question is history going to repeat itself or is there a different fate for this WikiLeaks fiasco? First of all what was the content of the documents Wikileaks released and why is it such a big deal? Wikileaks has leaked a lot of things ranging from Military information to private emails of government officials. Now it’s pretty obvious that this could hurt the government 's sense of security, but what’s so wrong in the people of America knowing these things? It’s understandable why the government feels attacked it’s enemies, America 's enemies could get there hands on some Military information. But why does all this really matter and who really cares about some website and it’s drama? Some see Mr. Assange as a vigilante doing the things no one else

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