Essay Wilders´ Our Town and Fugard¨s Master Harold and the Boys

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When we remember an event from our past, is it not true that much of what we recall is a description of that event based on how it made us feel? That event had an effect on how we felt at the time, and what we describe when recalling that event is the sentiment, idea or feeling we experienced as a result of the event. In the end, the effect of what happened is what we deem important to us. However, think for a moment about any such event in your life. Is it possible to accurately describe that event without including details of where and when it occurred? Likely not, since a great deal of what we rely on for our experience, in and out of the moment, is our physiological and psychological state at that specific time. Furthermore, since …show more content…

First of all, the play Our Town takes place in the fictional community of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. According to the script the play is to be performed with little scenery, no set and minimal props. Wilder was dissatisfied with the theatre of his time, and felt as though the elaborate sets in the day were harmfully evasive. His answer was to have the characters mime the objects with which they interact. Their surroundings are created only with chairs, tables, and ladders. This is seen clearly in the scene which Emily helps George with his evening homework, conversing through upstairs windows, shown by the two actors standing atop separate ladders to represent their neighboring houses. Says Wilder, "Our claim, our hope, our despair are in the mind – not in things, not in 'scenery.” Alternatively, in the play Master Harold… and the Boys occurs in South Africa during the 1950s apartheid era, depicting how institutionalized racism, bigotry or hatred can become absorbed by those who live under it; symbolically represented by the rain which falls non-stop during the entire duration of the play. More specifically, each play makes specific use, or omission of the use of props themselves. In Our Town for instance, Wilder opens the play by beginning with a Stage Manager, in the process of setting the stage. He places a

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