Wildlife Trapping Research Paper

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Our eco-system is diverse and fragile. What we call the woods or forest is the home of many different species of wildlife. Not everything is peaceful though. Nuisance animals make an appearance everywhere. These nuisance animals cause damage to wildlife and farm populations. Humans decided to take the problem into their hands and trapping became one of the solutions. Trapping was not always used to manage populations. It was used for survival. The overview of trapping, damages by nuisance animals, and the effects of trapping these animals are the most vital and informative parts of this historical skill that has been passed on to us. These three things can help anyone become a trapper. Trapping is a skill that has been passed on and an important …show more content…

It helps to monitor and control these predators to minimize the damage they cause and monitor their populations within a certain area (A., 2015). Within lands that have trapping available other wildlife populations are growing such as ground and cavity nesting birds (A., 2015). Turkey and bobwhite quail are the main targets of these nuisance animals (A., 2015). The bobwhite quail actually sit in a circle with their heads facing outward and once one spots a dangerous animal they all fly away. This may keep them safe, but what about their eggs in the nest? With this skill people can help maintain wildlife populations within suitable levels (A., 2015). Nuisance animals do not just effect wildlife populations. Trapping these animals help farm animals from getting killed or injured from them. Coyotes have killed over sixty four thousand cattle and calves within the year of 2001 (Conover, 2001). Some may think that it is just the circle of life, but with higher populations of nuisance animals many other populations are decreasing or even extinct. Trapping is here to help keep populations under control. There are also trapping seasons for each animal except for coyotes (Conover, 2001). A trapper can trap coyotes throughout the whole year and can catch an unlimited amount. This is because there are so many coyotes everywhere and they are destroying many populations. Trapping beavers can reduce the annual expenses used for heavy equipment to repair roads and culverts that were damaged by beavers or their dams (A., 2015). It can also prevent damage to pastures, fields of crops, and lumber (A.,

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