Wilfred Owen Uses Language And Poetic Devices

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Wilfred Owen uses language and poetic devices to evoke sympathy for the soldier in the poem by using in-depth descriptions. An example of this is in the first stanza where the soldier in the poem ‘shivered in his ghastly suit of grey’. The ‘g’ sound in the words ‘ghastly’ and ‘grey’ emphasises the horror of ‘ghastly’ combined with the dreariness of ‘grey’, which are now the two main features of his life. The word ‘ghastly’ shows something that is strange and unnatural. The adjective ‘grey’, which has connotations of bleakness, portrays an image of darkness and monotony. Furthermore, the verb ‘shivered’ shows that he is vulnerable and exposed. In the phrase, ‘Legless, sewn short at elbow’, the sibilance at the end of ‘Legless’, and in ‘sewn short’ tell us that the short-syllable words are ruthlessly to the point, so it emphasises the fact that the soldier has no arms and legs because of his wounds. Also, the soldier ‘sat in a wheeled chair, waiting for dark’. The phrase ‘waiting for dark’ suggests that the soldier wants to escape reality, and go to sleep, or a more permanent oblivion. This is because he probably cannot do anything when he is awake due to his injuries. It also says that ‘sleep had mothered him’. This emphasises why he wants to go to sleep this is because the verb ‘mothered’, portrays a calming and reassuring image. The verb may furthermore show an image of isolation and loneliness, and that the only one to comfort him is his sleep. This is sympathetic

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