Will Stricter Gun Control Laws Reduce School Violence?

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People believe that with more gun control laws are more strict.this would reduce school violence. With more education on gun safety and regulations on purchase of guns and with background checks so they aren't giving guns to criminals or convicts. There is no evidence that gun control reduces crime or school violence.(Preface to "Will Stricter Gun Control Laws Reduce School Violence?")

Freedom has a price when millions of people already have firearms the crime will always be around. Most people grew up around guns and know the safety about guns. There should be classes for children and adults to show gun safety and the advantages of having guns for self defense. In the past guns weren’t seen as dangerous as they are today. People have different point of views on guns and that’s okay. But people who believe we should have them should have the right to bear
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Cuomo Of New York and state lawmakers agreed on changes to the gun laws that would expand the gun control law and keep guns away from people with mental illness. Approval made New York the first to act in response to the school shootings. Some people who are pro gun control saw this as a step forward but others who are against gun control saw this as a violation to their second amendment right. There were cases that people with mental illness had committed the crime because they were sick and they were on heavy medication and made them not know right from wrong. But you can't keep guns away from everyone. There will always be a way to get a hold of guns. Also some people with mental illness are men and women who have went to war and have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD). PTSD is a mental illness that people get after a traumatic experience they can't get past. PTSD includes paranoia, depression, loss of sleep, and can't handle loud noises. So by taking guns from the mental illness you're taking guns from the people who fought for our country and can't protect themselves.(Gun
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