William Bradford And The Mayflower Pilgrims : Book Analysis

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Many authors write different stories that aim to inform their readers about different experience that they went through in their lives. Some of these stories are a narration of how the writers were robbed off the people and things that were dear and near to their hearts. Moreover, they also aim to reveal the state in which they were left after the incidence occurred. Based on this the assignment aims to discuss the case that was against William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims. The story shows that Bradford experienced a given level of theft that devastated his life for a long time and almost ended his literary career. Similarly, the text also shows that the theft also awakens his literary spirit and made it possible for him to write an …show more content…

The loss made it impossible for him to continue writing his work with the same passion that he did when Brewster was alive. The text reports that after burying Brewster, Bradford lost the closet thing he had to a father and this crazed him. Thus, aside from the devastating effect of losing his friend he also developed some depressive disorders that followed him after the demise of Brewster (Godon College). A second type of theft that Bradford had to deal with was the untimely and unplanned death of the nearly half of the people who were aboard the Mayflower the first winter in Plymouth. Bradford had to watch most of the people die in an outbreak of disease in a situation that they had no control over. Moreover, it was his plan that the people aboard the ship would get to their planned destination, he and the other people on board did not expect the worst turn of an event that lead to the death of nearly half of the people from the ship during the first winter at Plymouth Colony. This type of theft also played a role in dampening Bradford’s mood by making him not only feel like a failure but failed to look to at life from a positive perspective. He felt that he had lost some of the most important people in his life because he was counting on them for the success of the Mayflower pilgrimage. Therefore, as one would have expected, death stole all the joy, hope and happiness for better a future for Bradford.
The text states that he is overcome with

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