William Carey Is An Exciting Story Of A Man Touched By God

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William Carey started with nothing and ended by starting a new era of missionaries. He translated the complete Bible in 6 different languages and other parts of the Bible 29 other times. When his original ship ride to India got canceled he found another ship he could get on. When he got very sick when he was in his 20’s he lost his hair and he wore a wig until his ship ride where its said he through it into the river. William Carey is an exciting story of a man touched by God. Join me today as I tell you about William Carey.

Carey was raised in the r village of Paulerpury in the middle of England. He began his apprenticeship in a local cobbler’s shop. While he was working there he stole some money and got in some big trouble where he prayed to God that he would not go to jail. He didn’t even though he still got in trouble. After that a nominal Anglican was converted. He took up the faith with much joy. Later his master died and he took up Shoemaking nearby Hackeltown where he met and later married Dorothy Plackett. Dorothy soon after gave birth to a daughter. But the apprentice cobbler’s life was hard- the child died at age 2 and his pay was insufficient. Carey’s family sunk into poverty and stayed even after the business was taken over. Later he wrote “ I can plod, I can persevere to and definite pursuit.” All the while, he continued his language studies, adding Hebrew and Latin, and became a preacher with the Particular Baptists. He loved looking at the international…

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