William Miller 's The Crucible

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1."Participate" in the Salem Witch Trials. Write a paragraph response, as the accused, describing your feelings. "Salem Witchcraft Hysteria." National Geographic. National Geographic Society, 2005. Web. 24 Sept. 2015. As the accused I feel hurt, betray and sorrowful. I have known these people all my life. We have grown up together and now they are believing a group of young girls saying that I am a witch. I don’t understand! I am a good Christian woman. I can not confess to witchcraft though. For it is “better to lose your life than your soul” (Salem). I will stand true and not lie no matter what the outcome is but truly I’m broken on the inside. 2.What are the main differences between the historical witch trials and …show more content…

I consider the date they were hung very minor. He was trying to show the amount of deaths in a short period of time. 3.Read an article and interview with Linnda Caporael. Consider information in this article on the trials. What do you think of Caporael 's theories? Can they adequately explain the hysteria in Salem? What other forces could have been at work? Explain your answer. Clark, Josh. "Ergot Poisoning Theory." HowStuffWorks. HowStuffWorks, 18 Jan. 2008. Web. 25 Sept. 2015. I think that Caporael’s theory was a good guess but I do not think it is true. Just like Dr. Peter Hoffer said “Why only the girls, why not others?” (Clark) and the many other questions. I do not think they are an accurate proposal. I feel like if it was poisoning then more people would have been infected. The girls had symptoms other than those of the poison. I truly believe it was mass hysteria. I think that maybe one girl had a cold or a minor sickness and that helped it start up but for the most part it was hysteria. 4.What similarities do you see between Miller 's description of "McCarthyism" and the Salem Witch Trials? What is your response or reaction to Miller 's article? Miller, Arthur. "Are You Now or Were You Ever?" N.p., 17 June 2000. Web. 28 Sept. 2015. Just like in the Salem Witch Trials people are believing everything they hear. No one is researching it they are just going with it.

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