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After reading the article in assignment one, complete the following questions. 1. Analyse the behaviour of William Pickton using the three different social science perspectives. Choose one theory from psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Using each perspective, write a one page analysis of the behaviour of William Pickton. Write a perspective for each social theory (three pages in total). 2. Write a hypothesis to research a serial murderer using the following social science theories: Psychoanalysis, Functionalism, and Feminism. For example, a Marxist could look at the economic inequalities as a means of promoting a feeling of helplessness. This helpless feeling could promote feelings of anger against anyone who possesses any…show more content…
The RCMP became involved in 2001.

The families also say police neglected the cases because many of the women were prostitutes and drug addicts.

It wasn't until August of 2001 that Vancouver police began hinting that a serial killer could be responsible for the disappearance of the missing women. At the time 31 women had vanished, but four had been accounted for and two of those were confirmed dead.

Dr. Elliott Leyton, an anthropology professor at Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland, who wrote a book on serial killers called Hunting Humans, says that police are rightly reluctant to identify serial murders because public panic often follows.

"Responsible people have to be careful about making wild pronouncements about possible serial killers," Leyton says. "And when we are not sure if it is true, then it is inappropriate to throw people into a state of panic. Prostitution is a very dangerous profession and many of the people in it are wanderers and not well-connected to any conventional system of government controls or social services. So they can drift away from the system without being noticed for a very long time, even when nothing may have actually happened to them." 5. Leyton argues that it may be irresponsible to assume that a serial killer may be at work in Vancouver. The RCMP task force has repeatedly said that it cannot speak about the ongoing investigation and only concedes that a serial killer may be

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