William Shakespeare 's ' Everyman '

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In the late 15th century “Everyman” was written and is regarded as a morality play. According to the author of the story of Western culture, Michael A. Babcock, “Morality plays can be explained in the best ways because of allegories figure out efforts made between seven virtues and seven vices contained in heart of man”. This play is a portrayal of how Christians should use their time saving souls and keeping them from being convicted by death (Yaw Adu-Gyamfi P.265). In “Everyman” the perceptive of death is determined by how people live their lives. The play brings forth the comprehension of how people have an adversity in choosing between worldly things and the final spiritual judgment. The clash between treasures, relationship and the…show more content…
2). Everyman comes to realization that all those who promised to escort him broke the promise (Par 186-187). He decides to try and induce Death, but all is hopeless. Spiritual Economy, Social Critique and Material Economy in Everyman notes, “proverbially, money does not fix things. It breaks them” (III). The only way Everyman can fix his life is by going before God and asking for forgiveness for his sins. In “Everyman” the characters all play a very precise role in the play as shown by their names. Each character is named after their represented principles that we always hold when living in this world. First off is Everyman who portrays the main character and who the play is about. Not always did he take his spiritual life seriously but later on he repents of his sins. Next is Death, Death is depicted as God’s courier to send for Everyman. The other characters are as such, Fellowship, Discretion, Strength, Five wits, Kindred, Cousin, Material and Good Deeds. Each of these are wonderful examples of people that we tend to value and who usually end up abandoning us in our time of needs just as they did to Everyman. Another character is Confession; he is the character in which Everyman distinguish his sins to as he
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