William Shakespeare 's The Bard Of Avon Essay

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Can I get some frienemies with that burger? What exactly does this word mean? Were the people at one time enemies and then became friends? Did their friendship go down like the titanic? Or are they just people who cannot be loyal to each other, looking to take each other down at any moment, but still smiling in each other’s faces? Well, this word is obviously a compound of the two words Friends and Enemies, but how did it come into play? Like so many writers do they have taken their cue from one of the greats. The “Bard of Avon” led the way when it comes to transforming descriptive language to give light to a telling of a story. Even though Taylor Swift and Salina Gomez could hardly compare to Shakespearian characters like Juliet or Angelica, but they are one object of this descriptive language in today’s tabloids.
Tabloids are a rich source of jargon and slang, the authors give pet names to couples and now titles for celebrates who get along, some of the time. The jargon frienemies is mainly used by pop culture journalists, but with their target audience being school age, the noun is leaking into the high school community. Now this word has become the title of a Disney show which explores the turbulent relationships in high school. These relationships can be described as an “opposites attract” scenario in some cases. Imagine the clashes of an urban upbringing with a country upbringing, now put those two together with common personality traits and this could be seen as a

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