William Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night

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One of the many comedic plays written by William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, or What You Will, was produced into a film. The key actors within this film are Frances Barber, Chris Hollis, Caroline Langrishe, Christopher Ravenscroft, and Richard Briers. The 1988 film, directed by Paul Kafno, kept an almost perfect faithfulness to the text and it was very easy for me to follow along in the book. Although the film was not the most entertaining one, it did a great job of portraying the famous Shakespeare play. The plot of the film begins with Viola and the Captain discussing the storm that has just gone by and the film does a great job of incorporating character’s costumes, lights, special effects and sounds to set the scene of the aftermath from the storm. Viola’s brother, Sebastian, is lost at sea. The next part of the film shows a snowy scenery where the Duke speaks with Curio and Valentine about his love for Olivia. Following, the scene changes to what I think is Olivia’s home and we get to meet odd characters, who are Sir Toby, Maria, and Sir Andrew, who all serve Olivia in some way. Next in the film, Viola, who is actually dressed a boy named Cesario, speaks with the Duke about trying to woo Olivia to fall in love with him. Viola then goes to speak with Olivia where she must encounter the clown, along with Olivia’s many servants. Olivia seems to be falling for Viola, because she believes she is actually a man, Cesario. Malvolio is in love with Olivia and does everything

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