William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream Essay

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Throughout history literature has changed into many different forms and styles, it has also stayed the same in many different ways, literary techniques and elements are key to a good piece of writing, a perfect example that shows us just this is in, A Midsummer Nights Dream, where we will further explore the different literary elements that were used most notably the plot. The plot of a story lays out the foundation and the background for the entire play to come, we'll compare and contrast this element and look at the different sub elements which are produced. We will define similarities and difference in these elements form both the play o the film. Taking a look at things such as climax, play incidents, and the conflict will all give us …show more content…

Within the first ten minutes of the play we have the characters background information and he main conflict at hand. Hermia loves lysander but hey cannot marry due to her father will, Demetrius loves hermia but is not loved in return, and Helena loves Demetrius who is also not loved in return, That gives a central conflict, an issue to be resolved as the story progresses. As the play and the film progress we begin to notice some difference in content and the context between the film and the play. The films context is shortened, most likely for length or time purposes, it becomes apparent that the words are either left out as is the case with entire conversation, an example of this can be found on page1423 where the conversation that Oberon has with puck was clearly not in the film version…( literature 6th

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