Wimpy Kid Diary

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The book itself is Greg’s diary that he writes in daily. Each page is a different diary entry that he writes himself. So the entire book is written from Greg’s perspective. You will notice that when you read the book, Greg describes his emotions and there isn’t any other perspectives it is written from. Everything comes from Greg. This edition of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series takes part around Christmas time. The plot is scattered as Greg tells his stories of each day. The book starts out regarding the arrival of Christmas and whether Greg will be on the “naughty or good list”. Susan, his mother buys a doll called “Santa’s Scout” and she tells her children it watches them and reports back to Santa. Rodrick uses it to taunt his brother, …show more content…

Greg decides to take all the punishment, thinking he would just have to clean the walls, but the real punishment was a trip to the police station. At this point, a blizzard has kept the Heffley family inside of their house. This results in a power outage that spoils the food they have and causes a flood in the basement. Frank, Greg’s father, is “trapped” in a hotel near his workplace where he had electricity, food and a hot tub in his bathroom. Meanwhile the rest of the Heffley family was living in a state of hunger and boredom with nothing to do or eat. Then Rowley comes over and tells them that his house along with the rest of the neighborhood has electricity with the exception of Greg’s house. Greg then checks their electricity box to find all power has been shut off for every room except for Manny, Greg’s little brother. He found Manny chilling in his bedroom with food, heat, and toys without telling his family with an excuse that he was never taught how to tie his shoes. They turn the power back on and Greg’s father calls them and announces the roads are clear and he can return home. The next day comes Christmas and Greg, to his surprise is featured on the newspaper for shoveling up the walkway leading up to the Church which allowed a soup kitchen to open. But, he only did it to get a tag he left on the giving tree requesting money. Of

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