With The Company We Work For Having Systematic Labor Violations,

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With the company we work for having systematic labor violations, and I have noticed that a lot of people are complaining about work conditions and wages. Some of you have talked about that we need to fight back. For us to do that we need to organize, and come together and form a union. Here is a proposal for us to get enough people to form a union, what are responsibilities are, how unions can help. I will also explain what management can say or do, what we can do to help our overseas workers to organize. First let’s look at the union organizing process. To begin organizing a union first we need to quietly talk to co-workers to make sure they are interested in starting a union. Once we have enough interested then we need to identify…show more content…
Once we can get thirty percent of all bargaining units, we can then file a petition to the NLRB asking for them to represent us. Once we file the petition the NLRB will investigate to make sure we have thirty percent have signed the cards, NLRB will accept the petition. Then the NLRB will work-out the election process, like where it will be held, and when. Then they will hold the election and if we have the majority of workers wanting to join the union, then we will be able to form a union. Our responsibilities as workers are to get the word out and get other workers to agree to form a union. We are allowed to do this by distributing union literature, wear buttons, or solicit co-workers (NLRB, XXXX). We also have the responsibility to make sure this does not interfere with work. Make sure you are not conducting union activity on work time, because that is one thing that management can enforce on us trying to form a union. What the union can do to help labor is to increase pay, help fix or get improvements in working conditions, or increase benefits, like vacation time, health benefits, etc. For example, according to Walters & Mishel, “unions raise wages of unionized workers by roughly 20% and raise compensation” (2003). So unions play a pivotal role in taking our issues as workers and taking those issues to management to represent us. Some of the advantages of forming a union is job security since termination of an employee has to

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