With the Help of Grit: Novel Review

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“We must each of us bear our own misfortunes.”-Colonel Stonehill (p.35). True Grit is a novel by Charles Portis, where we see that a young Mattie Ross goes on a manhunt with the help of one of the meanest U.S. Marshalls Rooster Cogburn, to avenge her father’s blood. The definition of “grit” is firmness of character; indomitable spirit, but in the novel you will find yourself thinking that grit can mean different things. As for me true grit is having a tough side and determination, like how the character Rooster Cogburn has a tough side while the character that lacks or might not even have true grit is Tom Chaney who’s a coward and the character that has determination is Mattie Ross.
Marshall Reuben “Rooster” Cogburn is one character that has the truest grit than all of the rest of the characters. When he helps young Mattie Ross to find her father’s killer, he shows his toughness in many situations. Somewhat in the middle of the novel, on their way to the dugout through the cold and snow Rooster takes the two men out of the dugout. It’s a situation where gun fire will happen and someone can be shot and killed, for Rooster it doesn’t matter because he never backs out from a fight, Portis writes, “The door was flung open and there came two fiery blasts from a shotgun….. Rooster returned the volley with several shots from his rifle. There was a yelp from pain…” (p. 125).Towards the end, where Rooster faces Lucky Ned and the other three bandits in the meadow, is when Rooster

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