Woman's Role Defined in "Paradise Lost" and the Bible Essay

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John Milton's Paradise Lost attempts to justify "God's will" by giving a better understanding of the "ways of God", according to the author. In his work, Milton addresses several issues from biblical text as he expands on the "role of woman" as it is written in the book of Genesis. "Woman's role" is recognized and presented as one that is subordinate to man. Several associations are recognized between Milton's work and books of the Bible which reveal much about the way both of these books intend to define the role of a woman.

The two books attempt to establish an understanding of Eve as a being inferior to Adam as she is made in his image. Milton does this by pointing out how Eve "resemble[s] less/ His image who made both" (man and …show more content…

This effectively explains the views of a "woman's role." The excerpt speaks directly about man's obligation to God but more directly about woman's obligation to man. In Corinthians Chapter 14 verse 34, this system of beliefs is recognizable as it is written...

women should be subordinate, as the law also says.

if there is anything they desire to know,

let them ask there husbands at home.

In addition to this, Milton attempts to demonstrate Eve as being one "inferior, in the mind / And inward faculties" compared to Adam (8.541-2). Milton claims that Eve abandons the conversation between Adam and Raphael because she cannot comprehend what he and Adam are discussing. She rather would have Adam explain it to her later as she cannot understand their "thoughts abstruse" unless they are "intermixed with grateful digressions" and "conjugal caresses" of Adam (8.39-57). This idea, present in both works, removes woman from the same hierarchical plane of spirituality with man. This states that she must look to him for an understanding of God. Milton's implication of Eve's spiritual inferiority is recognized here as Eve does not hear directly from the angel Raphael, but learns of the "forbidden" from her husband. This demonstrates the authors adherence to biblical text as he supports the idea that Adam is

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