Women After World War One Germany

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In the 1940s Germany got invaded by many countries such as the U.S, Canada and the British. This war lasted for about two years killing many of people. The people that got caught in hiding were brought to concentration camps. Germany took awhile to recover from the war because they lost ninety percent of their population. After world war one Germany wanted revenge. They thought they were treated unfairly so this led to Hitler leading them to world war two. “Hitler promised to make them strong again”. World War two affected many people around the world, not just the Germans but all the other countries. By everyone going to war caused more women to take over the man jobs. For example, “ Women entered the workforce” and their were labor shortages. …show more content…

Some of the meaning are doomsday, designated day, decision day, or death day. D-Day is like a signal to represent something that is going to happen. There are a lot of definitions for D-Day but the main one is “the start date for specific field operations”. Other terms for D-Day is H-Hour created by the first army, J-Jour created by the french, and Z-Day created by the british. There is D(-)Day and the dash in between means days before the event happens and D(+)Day means days after the event. For example if they put D-7 that means seven days before D-Day starts or if they put D+7 the means seven days after D-Day happened. Overall not just years ago but now everyone has different types of codes for certain events or situations. If these signals were never made up everyone would know what one another would be talking about or representing. World War Two did not bring peace to Germany it only affected everyone around

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