Women As A Role Model In The Rape Culture

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Another great thing on the list was to become a role model and to break the beauty barriers that have been constructed. Women of all ages need to see more every day women taking on the role of embracing their uniqueness and representing that true beauty really comes from within. It also sends a message to the media that despite their continuous efforts to engage into the beauty myth and create standards for what is truly beautiful that they can not overpower our voices, our flaws, and our inner beauty. Instead of body shaming, raising awareness and uplifting encouraging talks about beauty can empower women all over.
4. The myths that were detailed in the Rape culture prezi highlights the bias, and unjust reality that we live in and how rape culture is deepened. The myths that only young pretty women are assaulted, that is most cases rape is caused by black men against black women and that people who dress or act provocatively they deserved to be raped since they “asked” for it reinforces the unjustness of Griffen’s theory on rape culture. Griffen’s theory on rape culture indicates that it is embedded into our social institutions and it is evident in the family structure. W.I.R. reveals how the wife is possession to her husband. It also talks about how society is a male hierarchy and that we live in a male dominated culture that denies women’s power (pg.518). Women are perceived to be the true oppression of men. Women are viewed less powerful thus their opinions and
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