Essay On Gender Inequalities

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Women face gender inequality in businesses due to their perceived physical weaknesses and inferior mental capacity. Physical weaknesses is defined as lack of strength, endurance or stamina. Inferior mental capacity is the inability for women to make rational decisions that are economically beneficial.
Due to their physical weaknesses, women are not considered for position that are manual in nature. It assumed that all women cannot perform in job where heavy lifting is required or is physically too hard and demanding on the body. In fact women are not considered in any manual work that does not involve heavy liftings at all. Manual work such as plumbing, electrical and mechanic jobs in the construction industry do not involve heavy lifting …show more content…

Businesses consider men as being smarter, capable of handling mentally exhausting tasks and make quick decisions. It is astonishing that such assumption still exist in this modern world of business.
Business do not like employing women due to time loss caused by their motherly duties. Time spent babysitting and during maternity leave is loss of income to businesses. The Family and Medical Leave Act, a federal law does not require employers to pay a dime to women on maternity leave. The act only protect a woman’s job for 12 weeks (unpaid) and only if she has already completed 12 months of work for her employer. The act does not really protect women but businesses for loss of profit. The act caries so much implications that are problematic. If a woman gets a new job and get pregnant before completing a year worth of work, she legally risk losing that job. The employer is under no obligation to keep her job or wait until she resumes her work. In a competitive job market, it’s much easier for the employer to replace a woman on maternity leave and who does not have the hourly requirement to be protected by The Family and Medical Leave Act.
Once pregnant, performance at work will suffer. Pregnant women do not perform as well due to biological changes. A woman who had years of good service in a business can have her reputation ruined by pregnancy. Pregnancy can

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